5 May 2017

Higham Village May Fair

Lesley, Sue B, Jenny and Patricia at Higham Village May Fair - with our new banner!

A group of Pendle members attended the Higham Village craft fair again this year, in its new format moved from Easter to May Bank Holiday.  Sue S gathered together a number of our ladies to man a stall over two days of the show and had arranged to have a new banner made to announce ourselves.

Eileen, Val, Patricia and Sue S with our display
The display created a lot of interest and a lot of leaflets were handed out - we hope to see some new members joining us.

There was a lot of interest from visitors - Eileen explains our Travelling Book project
Eileen, Patricia, Glen and Sue S.

Lesley had her own stall selling her lovely felt work - here she is wearing one of her wonderful creations.

This is a lovely winter scene which Sue T. submitted to Stitch magazine - it was accepted and here it is, top right, in the magazine's Gallery.  Well done Sue!

A very successful two days; thanks to Sue S and all the lovely ladies of Pendle EG who supported her.  J.

19 April 2017

Book Review

This week I thought I'd have a treat (instead of chocolate) and look at a book I bought recently. It has been advertised on both 'sewing corner’ shopping channel and in Stitch magazine but I managed to get it for a cheaper price from 'The Book People'.

I bought the book because I am interested in the American craft of 'penny mats’.  This craft is an interesting way of using scraps from clothing and I have visions of cushion covers made with the woollen cardies etc I accidentally felt on a regular basis!

The book is colourful and interesting; all the pictures and diagrams are clear and the text is interspaced with some funny (and profound) sayings. There are interesting sections about how to develop different stitches, textures and techniques to take you beyond their conventional use. I particularly like the way the author talks to you from the pages and explains the methods and techniques she used. I laughed out loud at her advice about purchasing an embellisher - you’ll have to read it to find out! At the back of the book there is the usual guide to stitches and some templates both of which are again very clear.

All in all I think it is one of the books that is well worth the money…….and you can’t always say that!!   Sue T.

9 April 2017

The Corset Unlaced

This was the title of our speaker's talk last Monday - intriguing!  Gillian Roberts brought a selection of her beautiful creations for us to admire and gave a fascinating and often hilarious slide-show of the history of corsets, from almost unbelievable metal corsets through wire and whale-bone to rubber and on to the outerwear glamour corsets of today.  There was a so-called "pretty" corset, just right for your maid-servant to wear for doing the housework!  And horrible medical images of the damage that "tight-lacing" could do to the internal organs.  Even without employing tight-lacing, it is little wonder that young ladies were prone to swooning and there was always a bottle of sal volatile in their reticule to revive them!  I am glad to live in an era when we can "let it all hang out" if we want to.

Gill makes beautiful dresses with embroidered corsets for brides and special-occasion wear.  My pictures do not do them justice so to see more have a look at her website www.belladonna-roses.co.uk .  The professional photograph show her exquisite embroidery to perfection.  J

More Mini-masterpieces

Promised some more of our Mini-masterpieces - so here they are!

Don't they look good on their tiny easels!   J

19 March 2017

Collages and Wire Sculptures

Artist Priscilla Jones paid us a visit at our last meeting to talk to us about her delicate collages and wire sculptures of domestic items.  There was a slight delay while the technology got sorted out, but luckily we had Sue B on hand to work it all out and we enjoyed slide presentation of Priscilla's work from the beginning of her degree course work, through its development to the work she is best known for today.

Priscilla started to work studying items of clothing and has created a lot of fascinating artwork using gloves.  She spent hours trawling through charity shops and amassed a huge collection of gloves for her work.


Priscilla's work is still evolving, but we know her best for her domestic collages of the equipment for afternoon tea!  They use layers of paper, cloth, paint and gesso to achieve their delicate effects.  She also became interested in 3D wire sculptures of tea pots, cups, spoons etc. as well as birds.  She uses cake decoration wire and attached fabric with beeswax, which sinks into the paper covering of the wire.

Priscilla Jones with some of her work.

A most enjoyable meeting. J

5 March 2017

Fabulous Workshop

Nikki Parmenter made a welcome return to Pendle in February to run a Fabulous Fish workshop, which certainly lived up to its name.  I didn't attend, but went along in the afternoon to be greeted by an roomful of enthusiastic and smiling embroiderers, proudly displaying their fabulous sea creatures (and a butterfly!!)  Many thanks to Sue S and Sue T who documented the day for me. J

Some of Nikki's samples - this is what you have to aim for ladies!

Now for Pendle's turn...

 Scraps of fabric under net being fused together with soldiering iron, before being cut into fish outline.

A fish taking shape under Brenda's guiding hands.

Eileen's exciting colour scheme taking shape.

Fiona's subtle colour scheme for a seahorse.

Glen's flying fish on a creative background

 Alison & Louise proudly display their seahorses.                       Lesley having fun!

Two more fabulous fish.......................................... and a butterfly from Wendy!

15 February 2017

Teabag Miniatures

It was good to see everyone at our first meeting of 2017 - it seemed a very long time since our Christmas party so there was a lot to catch up on.  Just as well we decided to have a mini-workshop so there was plenty of time to chat.

Kathryn had arranged a session she called "What will you make of what you are given?" and came prepared with lots of odds and ends.  We each had a teabag (yes, you did read that correctly) which had been dried and mounted on some Bondaweb, and we were encouraged to make a miniature masterpiece to be displayed on a tiny easel.  Apparently sewing on teabags is A Thing!

I had hoped to photograph a mini art display, but it wasn't to be as we were so busy catching up with administration after our long break, but Sue T has send me a short comment and a picture of her own masterpiece.  Hopefully we can have a bigger display at the March meeting.

Mini masterpieces
Fab workshop yesterday ....quite a challenge to work on a teabag ! But everyone was very enthusiastic and produced amazing ' mini masterpieces'. There was quietness and concentration at first followed by much chatting and laughter as we shared our developing pieces. A big thank you to Kathryn who again produced an interesting workshop and shared her stash with such generosity. I would love to see inside her store. The mini easels were a treat and again a testament to Kathryn's detective skills. A great session 😊  Sue T.