27 August 2018

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting of Pendle Embroiderers’ Guild

will be held at

Higham Village Hall, Higham Hall Road, HIGHAM, BB12 9EU
Monday 3rd September 2018 at 2 p.m.

All members should have received a copy of the minutes of the 2017 AGM
   and the Agenda for the above meeting on 3rd September.  

6 July 2018

Monday 2nd July

Our Summer Social was as popular as always.  We had a buffet lunch organised by Jenny with salad, sandwiches, pie, quiches etc with Strawberries and vanilla cream (made by Kathryn) to follow.

After lunch Val gave a very interesting talk on her holiday on the Silk Road in Uzbekistan. We saw some wonderful designs on the buildings as well as an interesting selection of textiles.  Val brought some of her buys for us to see.

The Bell trophy annual competition was held - the theme this year was  ‘Fossils’.  Members voted for their favourite pieces – the worthy winner Pam, was presented with her crystal bell by Sue (chairman).  

Well done Pam!

Our final event of the day was the alternative raffle organised by Kathryn. Everyone gets their prize in turn and opens it in front of us all.  As it goes along if you like a previous prize more than yours you can exchange your prize for your choice.  The later your number is chosen the more you have to choose from.

Look at my prize.

The bunting for our guild had to be re done as we changed our name some time ago from 'Padiham and District'  Embroiderers' Guild to 'Pendle'.  Sue T took letters from our old bunting and made a new one here she is with Joan who was our super secretary of the group for may years.  

All having a pleasant afternoon.

7 June 2018

4th June

One of our talented members Carole, gave a workshop for members on 'Shisha Mirror Work'.  

We were given a piece of calico and had to stitch round a circle of mirror making sure it could not escape from the stitches.  

After learning how to secure our pieces if mirror we were supposed to make a Shisha brooch during the workshop but we seemed to do more talking than sewing.  Can that be possible?  Plus we had a new 2 / 3 weeks old new member come to visit so she rather took our minds off the sewing.

A selection of brooches, pincushions as inspiration.

An idea for a brooch 

A decoration on the lid of a small circular box

Some members busy sewing.  It was a lovely sunny day even though two people decided to wear a coat!

Thank you Carole,we had a lovely, enjoyable afternoon.  

31 May 2018

14th May

Elizabeth J Wall (Lizzie), a textile artist who specialises in applique and embroidery was our guest speaker at our May meeting the title of her talk ‘My Quilts and Other Animals’.    What a wonderful afternoon it was.  We were spellbound looking all the wonderful work she had brought and not only the colour of the fabrics but all the beautiful patterns and textures. 

Two of her owls

Love this hen

She has ranges when she is inspired by various animals – hens, ducks, owls, hares tress etc……. 
Lizzie has also trained as a teacher for dyslexia which she says is so good for combining her textile art with her specialist teaching work.   

The Allerton Oak

She does commissions and she showed us the banner from South Ribble National Union of Teachers which she made with the tree of knowledge in the centre.  In 2008 she made the Allerton Oak in Liverpool and she has made a set of chasubles for St Giles church in Aintree – what wonderful colours she uses. 

Two of the chasubles

The quilts are made using a simple layering technique, using bondaweb to hold down the pieces.  All the design is in place before she starts to stitch.  This is called raw edge applique. 

Lizzie will be coming back to do a day workshop with the group later in the year.  It will be a difficult job choosing which of her designs to use.

13 April 2018

9th April was a beautiful sunny day, but still cool in Higham.  

Before the speaker we had our usual friendly free time.  On display was the group bag - it was made by Kathryn but the group contributed to it by making or donating the contents and providing the embellishments.  The bag will be in the raffle at the North West Regional Day in Leyland on Saturday 21st April.  

Our Bag - we are very proud of the lovely items we made.  

During our group business we had a feedback about the meeting with Terry Murphy, CEO of the Embroiderers’ Guild when came to Preston in March. 

The main part of the day was our speaker, Carol Coleman, of Fibredance.  Carol makes a range of items using free machine embroidery. She brought an array of her pieces for us to marvel at; jewellery – pendants, bracelets, watch straps; may different boxes made from unusual kinds of stiffening embellished with free machine embroidery. There was some exotic pendants with pieces of amber encapsulated in the work – the stones seemed to glow in the light. 

A folder with some beautiful machined braid samples 

Something different - a quilt made by Carol

Some of her vibrant pendants.  

Carol showed lots of slides of her work.  Showing us what she thought were not as successful and how she had learnt from the experience.  We often learn more from our failures than the successes. 

We all had  very enjoyable day.  Thank you Carol for bringing your work.  We look forward to the workshop in June.  

26 November 2017

Monday 12th March

The meeting was a week late because of the weather but it was worth waiting for. Seventeen members had a most enjoyable afternoon hearing about Batik from one of our members - Tori Riley.  

Tori travelled to various parts of the world while growing up and became very intrigued by the batik made in Java.  She was as qualified as art and craft teacher but loved the Batik, so travelled back to Java to find out more about how it was made.
Java is one of the places where batik has been developed to a very high standard.  All the raw materials are readily available especially the dyes from plants.  The two main colours are indigo and brown. 
In central Java it has been well developed over generations.  Certain colours and designs were only worn by people of rank so it was easy to tell a person of status. 
There are two main methods of applying wax –   one is a little cup with a long spout - the wax is poured onto the fabric.  The second is using a stamping tool dipped into the wax then onto the fabric. 

Just a few of the beautiful pieces 

explaining how this beautiful piece was produced

Chairman Sue with Tori

5th February

Monday 5th February was our first meeting in 2018.  It was an early start as members wished to find out more about Devore, a workshop and talk with Dionne Swift.  

Devore is a velvet fabric with a raised pattern created by disintegrating some of the pile with chemicals.  (to devour)

Information supplied by Val who attended the workshop. 

Space was at a premium as there were nearly 25 members present.  A paper template was made, then a screen was used to apply the paste.  This needed to dry, so on returning home I had to iron till it looked burnt.  I then washed off the devoured bits.  Next it can be dyed.   

Dionne's details are:  www.dionneswift.co.uk

Report from Chairman Sue - 

Our first meeting of the New Year was very busy.  It took the format of a Practical with Textile Artist Dionne Swift showing us how to create Devore. We had 23 members taking part, each of us given a 12” x 16” piece of fabric.

She spoke of her background and years of Showing at Exhibitions (like the K&S Shows) and going out to teach her craft, with great success. Dionne demonstrated how to make an easy design on paper and we followed her example.

The end results after our applying our paper design on a silk screen and squee-geeing a paste on the screen and swiping a rubber wedged tool across the surface 3 ways, created the design onto the Devore. It then needed drying. Dionne had set up a drying area which members used, but on collecting their dried piece of Devore it was found some had picked up others Work, because everyone had followed Dionne’s design!! If only they have had the fore sight of initialling their piece! 

Four pictures from the workshop / talk

                                              How to apply the paste with a screen

Below is Val's finished piece

4th December

 Our Christmas Social,  was as good as usual.  We had a very busy programme for the day with so many interesting items.   Two members were caught  in a queue behind a road accident but luckily got there in time for the lunch.   

A delicious lunch 

Members sat round having a good chat.

                                 Val receiving a sewing bag from the branch members -                                                                               made by Kathryn.

Val ran a mini workshop for members -  make a Christmas decoration. 


       Glenys presenting her Bursary Award (2016) work and what she created during 2017.  Several individual Mandala embroidery frames of beautiful stitchery.  She used this opportunity  to practice stitch and is now an enthusiastic expert.     

Kathryn ran her reverse raffle, everyone loves taking part, such fun.  We had two other raffles as well.  A really good time was had by all. 

25th November 

Eight members has a most enjoyable day 'Making a Better Bag'.  This was a workshop run Kathryn, one of our talented members.  This was the second bag workshop she had run, it was just so popular with everyone. 

We all got down to work and had a friendly but industrious day.  Most of the bags were completely finished.

                                         Here are some of the completed bags.

We were all really thrilled with the results, they all looked so professional.

13 November 2017

6th November

Our speaker this month was Jacqui Smith, a talented and creative textile artist.  

She told about her earlier career after she had left university to the present day telling us about all the pitfalls of selling her work. 

The number of times she gave her work on a sale or return basis where the work was sold but no money ever came her way.  How disheartening. 

Jacqui showed lots of her pieces and explained how they were made and her thought processes.  

All the members agreed we had a most enjoyable afternoon.