19 December 2018

Monday 3rd December 

Our usual Christmas meeting was as enjoyable as always with a buffet lunch, agreeable company, a mini workshop making Christmas decorations, raffles and card swap.  The regional chairman, Sue, was our special guest for this festive meeting

The buffet lunch was going to include warm food, unfortunately we could not get the oven to work, but we did not let that spoil the day, it was as pleasant as always. 

Val demonstrated how to make some delightful Christmas decorations made of felt and trimmed in a festive style.  We found nimble fingers were needed with some of the small decorations to embellish the felt tubes.  

Our members enjoying the  festive meeting

The well  established Pendle tradition of the reverse raffle was enjoyed by all, causing much laughter.  The monthly - gold - raffle was drawn and the Christmas card swap took place when members brought a card, put it in a bag and later drew out a card to take home.  The home made ones are lovely.   

The meeting ended with best wishes to all, have a healthy happy holiday and see you all in February. 

10 November 2018

Jacke Cardy was the speaker at our November meeting,  The subject of her talk was 'The Accidental Felter'.

Jackie began as an embroiderer and it was only by accident when adding small areas of felt to her work that she realised how much she enjoyed making it.   She enjoys all the machine embroidery and calls it drawing with her sewing machine.  

Explaining how she worked an early piece of work

Some of her early work stitched on a ground of silk paper.  

small bags - some of her early work

Jackie went on holiday to the west coast of Clare in Ireland and was inspired by the peace she found there as well as all the beautiful range of colours.  Looking at the landscape she thought of the words from W B Yates - 'Peace comes dropping slow'  from the poem  'The Isle of Innisfree.  

She also explained her more recent work and the layers that went into producing the pieces.

What a wonderful array of beautiful work.   We were all inspired to do wonderful things.   

29 October 2018

Monday 5th November

The Accidental Felter

A talk 
by Jackie Cardy

1st October

Beaded French Knitting

Ally explaining what to do.

Threading the beads onto chosen thread.

Busy hands making the cord

Members all busy working

Some of the different cords and what can be done with them.

27 August 2018

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting of Pendle Embroiderers’ Guild

will be held at

Higham Village Hall, Higham Hall Road, HIGHAM, BB12 9EU
Monday 3rd September 2018 at 2 p.m.

All members should have received a copy of the minutes of the 2017 AGM
   and the Agenda for the above meeting on 3rd September.  

6 July 2018

Monday 2nd July

Our Summer Social was as popular as always.  We had a buffet lunch organised by Jenny with salad, sandwiches, pie, quiches etc with Strawberries and vanilla cream (made by Kathryn) to follow.

After lunch Val gave a very interesting talk on her holiday on the Silk Road in Uzbekistan. We saw some wonderful designs on the buildings as well as an interesting selection of textiles.  Val brought some of her buys for us to see.

The Bell trophy annual competition was held - the theme this year was  ‘Fossils’.  Members voted for their favourite pieces – the worthy winner Pam, was presented with her crystal bell by Sue (chairman).  

Well done Pam!

Our final event of the day was the alternative raffle organised by Kathryn. Everyone gets their prize in turn and opens it in front of us all.  As it goes along if you like a previous prize more than yours you can exchange your prize for your choice.  The later your number is chosen the more you have to choose from.

Look at my prize.

The bunting for our guild had to be re done as we changed our name some time ago from 'Padiham and District'  Embroiderers' Guild to 'Pendle'.  Sue T took letters from our old bunting and made a new one here she is with Joan who was our super secretary of the group for may years.  

All having a pleasant afternoon.

7 June 2018

4th June

One of our talented members Carole, gave a workshop for members on 'Shisha Mirror Work'.  

We were given a piece of calico and had to stitch round a circle of mirror making sure it could not escape from the stitches.  

After learning how to secure our pieces if mirror we were supposed to make a Shisha brooch during the workshop but we seemed to do more talking than sewing.  Can that be possible?  Plus we had a new 2 / 3 weeks old new member come to visit so she rather took our minds off the sewing.

A selection of brooches, pincushions as inspiration.

An idea for a brooch 

A decoration on the lid of a small circular box

Some members busy sewing.  It was a lovely sunny day even though two people decided to wear a coat!

Thank you Carole,we had a lovely, enjoyable afternoon.