18 July 2020

We may not be meeting but we are still busy 

Here are just a few of the things we have produced 


 Hope we can all get together soon.  Although it is good to meet up online.

19 March 2020

Please Note:

Janet Browne’s Workshop on 4th April – 'Stitched Landscapes' is cancelled but has been re arranged for April 24th next year, 2021.  Something good to look forward to on the distant horizon. 

Our monthly meeting on 6th April is also cancelled.  The meetings for May and the following months will be monitored and whatever action is needed, will be  taken on a month by month basis. Kathryn (Chair) will make sure everyone knows what’s happening well in advance of the meeting date.

Don’t forget to keep stitching.  Who will have completed their stitch book by the time we next meet?

9 March 2020

Monday 2nd March

The March meeting was, as usual, a friendly meeting.  The business part of the day opened with Sue telling us all the Embroiderers’ Guild news, local as well as national. She then introduced our speakers Rachel Anderson and Cis O’Boyle from Idle Women.  Unfortunately they could not show the picture they had brought because we had not got the correct lead for their Apple laptop to the projector.  Luckily they were very good at describing their work.


                          Rachel                                                                               Cis

During WWII women were used as bargees on the canals, they were recognisable because they wore a badge with IW on.  They soon got the name Idle Women, which stuck for women working on the narrowboats.  
Idle Women is an arts and social justice project that creates vibrant and adventurous spaces for women.  The group in Nelson built a narrow boat which is used for workshops, performances and exhibitions.  It is moored in Nelson besides some land they bought which is being turned into a Physic Garden for women to explore local medicinal plants.  They will learn practical herbalism techniques and get to know more about plant medicine.
They have a monthly workshop where volunteers share skills and interests, they also have visiting practitioners such as herbalists, artists, writers and gardeners offering work space in exchange for opportunities for local women to join in.  At the end of the talk we were given a drink of yarrow tea.  We had to smell then taste and say what we thought and what sensations we felt after tasting. Most agreed it smelt like sage.   Maybe the tea will make our fingers more nimble.  We were all given a small packet of the tea to take home. 

Hearing about yarrow and preparing the tea. 

Thank you Rachel and Cis for an interesting afternoon, not forgetting the tea. 

23 February 2020

3rd February 2020

We had a busy afternoon stitching. The members worked on their version of a stitch sampler.

This came about because we all enjoyed our previous ‘stitch corners’ where we shared an example of a stitch with each other and then practiced in the session. This time each member was given a stitch (or 2) to research at home and then produce a sample in different sizes and threads to show its possibilities.

During the afternoon members looked at each other’s samples and received help to master it themselves. There was much discussion about the format of the samplers...should it be a book, a design or other. There are 2 more sessions to go...so let’s see……..

7 January 2020

2nd December – Christmas Party

It was an enjoyable busy  day with a mini workshop and games as well as the usual buffet lunch.


A good mixture on the sweet table                                          Christmas Tree

Everyone say cheese!

Kathryn had organised an interesting game on a side table with homemade padded pouches duly numbered 1 to 12.  Hidden inside the pouches were 12 objects, sewing related; members felt the pouches and had to write down what they thought was hidden inside. Kathryn then read the answers.  Everyone really enjoyed this new game and commended Kathryn for the lovely colourful numbered padded pouches.

Feel the pouch and guess what is inside

Our “hands on” activity was Patricia’s mini workshop of tasselled fobs, useful as a key fob perhaps. We were handed small squares of plastic canvas and a huge basket with a variety of wool and embroidery silk threads to work our chosen designs.  Patricia had made samples to inspire us and suggest what could be done with our threads. It was a really a lovely item to work and we soon got many busy fingers around the large table and chatting away as usual.

The samples made by Patricia

Busy fingers!

Patricia giving a helping hand

Next item was Sue’s  Quiz that got passed around and it was different from previous ones we’ve had to scratch our heads over!  The questions centred on local Lancashire Town names.  One question had everyone laughing – what do you find at the rear of a male sheep?   -  “ Ramsbottom “   There was much laughter throughout the quiz even though everyone was still working on the plastic canvas project.

The end result - didn't we do well!

Members had a most enjoyable day and everyone left saying they were all looking forward to next year.  .

15 November 2019

Monday 4th November  

'My Life in Lace'  Talk by Dianne Derbyshire

Social time before the talk

Dianne makes many different types of lace including bobbin, needle, tatting and crochet.

A bobbin lace bowl

She has been making lace since the mid 1980s – taking her City and Guilds in lacemaking in the mid 1990s.  
She joined an international group, OIDFA and has been to many of their conventions in many different countries. 

France in 2012

She is also a member of local lace groups as well as the Lace Guild in England and the Australian Lace Guild.  She is a member of a local contemporary group – Textile Workshop and a national group - 98 Lace who are exhibiting their work at the K & S Shows in London and Harrogate this year.

A winning entry by Textile Workshop at the Lace Guild exhibition 'Discovery' 
held at Delapre Abbey, Northampton this year.   

98 Lace - One of two entries by Dianne in the Knitting and Stitching Show 2019.

Together with four friends she helped organised a lace project for the Millennium – CD2000, which took up four years of their lives.  They had pieces of lace from around the world, and the exhibition travelled around the country and abroad to USA and Australia.  They were also able to give a donation to Sight Savers International and ORBIS at the end of the undertaking. 

Lace mounted on a CD.

Dianne showed slides and brought pieces of her work and designs to see how it is done.   

Blue Mask

98 Lace exhibition 'Gateways'  2015
at Fenland Museum, Wisbech  and
Redditch Needle Museum.

Dianne was delighted by all the positive comments about her work from the members.  

Zentangles Workshop  Saturday 5th October  with Tutor Gail Marsh

We began with 5 deep breaths as we were considering Mindfulness. 
Gail provided each of us with a kit which made starting so much easier. The designs looked very complicated but with clear instructions we all produced a tile that was pleasing. 
We then added pencil shading to make parts stand out. Made all the difference. I managed 2 tiles that day. About the average though Pat went mad as you will see. The plan is that we can transpose some of our designs to stitch. Personally I think you would need to be far more competent with a machine than I am.    Val

             Lots of concentration
                                                                     Everyone busy at work

Samples of the work.  They look really good.

Here is an assortment of Zentangle images. The big group is what I did on the day at the class and immediately afterwards. The others are the ones I have done since over the last few weeks. I LOVE doing them and really enjoyed the workshop with Gail. I might not have fancied doing it had someone else been teaching it but I knew she would do an excellent job,   and she did!     Patricia

Patricia's   work

Here are some she made later  - lovely