9 September 2019

AGM - 2nd September

Table all set, ready for the meeting with our table fall taking centre stage

All sitting comfortably? Then we will begin.

Chair Kathryn, opens the meeting, assisted by Secretary Lesley and Treasurer Val.

The meeting was the usual format with minutes of the last AGM. a report about what we did during the last year – what a varied programme we had during 2018 – 19. 

The departure of two committee members and welcoming two new members Jacqui and Janet.

Our treasurer, Val said it was time to tighten our belts and make some economies.  

Sue, our programme secretary, went through the diary for the coming year 2019 - 20.  We have three Saturday workshops – 5th October ‘Zentangles’ drawing with Gail Marsh – will members be able to design some stunning pieces of work afterwards?  4th April – Stitched Landscapes with Janet Browne and 13th July ‘Beautiful Batik’  with Tori Riley.  
This year members will be able to start their Stitch Journals.  We were all given homework to do during the summer, the first stitch for our journal – every member was given a different stitch to do.

 One stitch sample worked during the summer.  Was this a knotty problem?

Before  leaving we were reminded that the October workshop ‘Rouleau  Reinvented’ starts at 1pm

It was an enjoyable, friendly meeting where we all met together again after the summer break to swap stories and to seek advice on stitch problems.    

7 July 2019

1st July

Our Summer meeting was a friendly social event as usual.  We had a buffet lunch followed by LOTS of strawberries with Kathryn’s famous vanilla cream there were also scones with cream and a strawberry on top. 

After lunch we had the group notices and we given homework for the summer holidays – Sue, our Programme Secretary gave us all a different stitch we had to do for our Stitch Book Project this coming year. 

Fiona brought a stitch book she had made some time ago to show us what she had made.  It was lovely, one page has the stitch done in various sorts of threads and on the facing page a design she had made with that stitch.  

                                                                      Fiona's Stitch book

We were all given a different stitch.  I had not heard of mine – Sheaf stitch - I have since found out what it is like.   

Every July we have a competition / exhibition the theme this year was  'Japanese Garden' for the Bell Trophy.  We all vote for our favourite piece.  Pam's work got the most votes this year.  Kathryn presented her with the crystal Bell Trophy. 

 Pam with her winning piece and Bell Trophy

It was then the turn of Pat who told us all about how she spent the bursary she won.  Sounds as if she spent the money many times over!  
Pat was interested in recessing her work – mounting it in a deeper frame, so that it looked 3D.  She showed us lots of drawings she had done and quite a number of examples.  She had been to Lithuania and Latvia on holiday looking at architecture and textiles and came back with lots of ideas.

Pat with some of the samples and pieces she had made

 Next came Fiona who thanked the group for her bursary and said how important it was that small groups encouraged their members to experiment and try new ideas.  Fiona had spent the money on the cabinet she fitted out inside to hold all the tiny pairs of boots and shoes she had made.  They were beautiful creations all named after flowers and trees - blue bell, holly, snapdragon, snowdrop, lavender ......  They were all going to go to be a present for one of her grand daughters.


Time flies when you are having fun – we were so engrossed with listening to our bursary members there wasn’t time to do our stitch project – it will have to wait for another occasion.   

10 June 2019

Monday 3rd June

At our June meeting we were very lucky of have as our speaker Janet Browne who brought lots of her work for us to see.

           Janet Browne                                       One of her many sketches

Janet told us of her textile journey to get where she is today.  Born in a Halifax a woollen area of Yorkshire she was lucky her family were all interested in textiles and the schools she attended also had a choice of textile courses.

Things of interest on a journey                                                     Map of the journey

She became a teacher and art was one of her subjects she also gained a HND in textile design.
While traveling to work, stuck in the traffic, she realised there were lots of interesting places on her journey.   She began drawing the map of her journey to work, the rows of houses, gardens and even traffic lights.

   This is the first plan she  made                                           The final result 

All her pieces are constructed from dyed cotton, sandwiched with wadding and stitched both by machine and hand.  The design is drawn onto dress-makers tissue, this is the top layer of the sandwich.  Janet has a library of skills that she uses on her many pieces not just her journeys by road but a journey round an allotment or garden centre or all the wildlife around her.

   Showing some of the birds she has made                                Bull finches

A medley of birds and sketches                       Some of Janet's small works of art

Thank you Janet for the wonderful journey we had with you we cannot wait for the next time. 

20 May 2019

Monday 13th May

In the informal part of our meeting Kathryn showed us the hand made hexagon quilt she had just finished after three years in the making.  There were so many interesting fabrics with bees, butterflies, sheep, flowers, horses ..................... and so may more

Kathryn welcomed us all to our workshop ‘Don’t be Sheepish’.   Run by our felting specialist Lesley, who was wearing a beautiful felt top she had made and a sheep brooch. 

Kathryn's Welcome

Lesley with her sheep brooch

Inspiration for our sheep 

We were all supplied with a piece of hessian with the shape already drawn on, we had the choice of a variety of coloured fleece, most of us chose white with either black or brown for the face.  We looked at a variety of sheep to decide how we would do the face.  We started with the face first. 

All we had to do was pull a strand of wool through the hessian with a crochet hook to form a loop – sounds easy but it took awhile to get the gist of what we had to do. 

Ahead of the rest!

Deep concentration

Making a start on the body

We will have to see how everyone got on next month - unfortunately we ran out of time.

Thank you Lesley for an enjoyable afternoon

15 April 2019

Saturday 6th April 

Mixed media workshop.

We spent a full day with Clare from Colourcraft leading us through the wonderful range of materials they sell and produce.   Not only did we get to use all the materials (there was plenty for all) but we benefited from Clare’s extensive knowledge and experience. She shared all her tips and tricks and helped us to produce a pile of samples to take home.

Clare demonstrating with all her equipment

Clare at work being keenly observed by the group.

 It was a busy day and one which all the attendees thoroughly enjoyed. We all went home laden down with paints,  papers, books and other materials, many of which are produced  ‘in house’ by Colourcraft in Shefffield.  

Tyvek beads in production

Printed and painted samples. Samples using Colourcraft’s expanding medium

A busy work bench with a selection of printed and painted work 
(with a rather handsome mans face in the middle)

Angelina and foil printed and heated. 

Tyvek painted and heated to create ‘bubbles’

Not only did we get to use all the materials hand there was plenty for all) but we benefited from Clare’s extensive knowledge and experience. She shared all her tips and tricks and helped us to produce a pile of samples to take home.

We are looking forward to Clare returning soon to lead one of her other workshops. Don’t miss out, you will try new materials and techniques and have a fun time doing it!

The workshops are open to members and non members when there is space available,

4 April 2019

Monday 1st April

A pleasant sunny day for a Pendle Embroiderers’ meeting opened by chair Kathryn, who welcomed everyone and once the group business was completed she introduced our speaker for the day, Heather Diggins,  who brought along some of her  – ‘Exquisite Quilts’. 

What lovely quilts they were, quite a few were made for members of her family and borrowed for the occasion.  Heather said she liked to machine quilt but we noticed quite a few were hand quilted with beautiful even stitches.

Look at these beautiful even hand stitches

Heather told us about her visit to Japan and showed us a silk kimono bought there. 

I am so pleased with my purchase

The first five items we saw were Sampler Quilts – Friendship Quilt; Somerset Quilt - the blocks were made by Heather's friends in Somerset when she left to move to Lancashire.  What a lovely way to remember people by. She make it up into a quilt and how striking it looks.  

Somerset Quilt

A cream calico quilt made after attending a Jenny Raiment Workshop.

Part of the cream calico quilt

 A 365 Quilt.  This is one where you get a pattern emailed every day for a year.  It took Heather more than a year to make, such a lot of work. 

What a lot of work in this 365 quilt.

On a visit to the US she heard about a sale of Amish quilts, this was something she could not miss.  The quilt is not a traditional one but it is so colourful.  .

a section of the Amish Quilt

 A small cat quilt – it reminded me of a jigsaw the way all the cats fitted together.

One made with  School House blocks and made for a teacher

Circles of Life was a beautiful quilt it aubergine, purples and pinks with a tie dyed backing. 

Her mother's single Quilt 

A colourful - Storm at Sea


So many quilt, so difficult to choose.  Heather also brought with her three bags she had made  - all completely different styles.  

 This was made with three furnishing samples              Made from silk bought in Japan

This bag is dyed and Heather has used trapunto techniques.  Notice the design is continued along the length of the strap.    

Heather was thanked for bringing such an array of quilts and making a very interesting afternoon for us all.