25 August 2014

Well, this is the nearest I can get - GMT.  There doesn't seem to be an option for Daylight Saving, so if you think I am up early, just add an hour! J
Well, I'm glad to say the links now work, but my next mystery is how to set the clock to British Summertime instead of  Pacific Daylight time.  This project is certainly stirring up the grey matter!  J
Calamity - have just discovered that my links don't work.  Have checked the addresses and don't know why, so have deleted them until I can find out.  Sorry about that!  J

24 August 2014

Just added links to some other Guild sites which might be of interest.  I always like to follow what is going on at Bolton and Skipton (my other "local" Branch) and there is more general information of interest to anyone in the Region and the country as a whole on the other two sites.  J

22 August 2014

Just added two buttons to the blog.  I am quite impressed with myself.  Take a look at our programme for the coming year.  I hope to add newsletters soon and eventually, a gallery.  Wish me luck!

21 August 2014

Padiham members displaying our new banner.  We had packs of fabric and instructions to work a letter in any technique we liked.  The basic colours were red and white.  Then the results were stitched together by Sue (well done you!) to make a cheerful welcome to our Branch.
This post followed our first meeting of 2014 in February and was posted by one of our members, Sue:
Well, it was a fantastic start to the new year of stitching. We had an almost full turn out and our green colour raffle yielded 3 big baskets of sewing goodies each won by a very thrilled member. Our secretary, Joan, made a welcome return following an enforced absence and even led the session from her special chair to make paper beads. Members enthusiastically cut, glued and rolled a striking collection of beads. I could see beads of all colours, some even looking like semi precious stones... Fab!! Mine looked more like the gravel from outside, all mismatched shapes and sizes ... Note to self... Must be neater when working! ha ha! But we could all see a good use for the in our work or as one member said " we'll that's Christmas sorted .. Earrings all round!!"  .... 
Our next meeting is in March followed by a workshop day ... 'That darn stitch!' . Please look at the NW Region Embroiderers' Guild website for details of our programme.
New members are always welcome so..........keep stitching!
This blog was posted on our old site in March 2014:
March already and a great meeting. Patricia Barrett one of our members gave a talk about her experiences travelling and teaching all over the world. There were plenty of laughs and lots of souvenirs to look at. Pat is holding a workshop for us on the 22nd of  March and those of us canny enough to book on to it before Christmas are really looking forward to a day of laughing and stitching Some of you will remember Pat's workshop ' that darn stitch' from summer school last year and know we are in for a great time.
We enrolled 2 new members, Sue and Eileen one of whom went on to win our colour raffle! What a great welcome!
This is my first attempt at re-launching Padiham & District Branch blog.  Bear with me and I will be back to you later!