26 September 2014

A fascinating workshop

Had an email from a friend at East Kent EG telling me about a recent workshop they had with Kim Thittichai which I must share with you.  Kim blogged on 22nd September and there are lots of brilliant photos and a description of the technique they used.   The link is www.hot-textiles.blogspot.com   Kim is always great fun to spend time with and it is only a pity that she lives in Brighton - sooo far away from Lancashire!  However, she does write books so perhaps I will be moved to try something at home. J

9 September 2014

New additions

Two new additions this morning.  The photo album contains a few pictures taken at our July social this year.  This is something we hope to develop over the months - if I remember to take my camera each time!  Also added is another Embroiderers' Guild Branch link - East Kent is a long way from us, but it was my Branch for 9 years and I still keep in touch.  If you are ever on holiday in the area......Canterbury is close by and the resorts of Broadstairs, Margate and Ramsgate have wonderful beaches.....you would be sure of a warm welcome.   End of  travelogue!  J

5 September 2014

Looking back at our Branch history

Have at last worked out how to put items on the various pages - it is so easy I just don't know why it caused me so much grief!  Thought it would be nice to record the history of the branch, so will be publishing the old newsletters from 2011 and then copies of the current newsletters as they are written.  Hope you will find them interesting.  J

3 September 2014

Just received this lovely picture of the StArt quilt I can share with you.  The photograph is by Enid Pyrah.

The border picture that got the most oohhs and aahhs was the little sheepdog puppy, fifth down on the right.  This was sewn by our joint Skipton / Padiham member, Sue who also did the cyclist just above it.

The red dots mark towns and villages on the route and if you look really carefully you see the exquisite little labels Jill made!  The little metal cycles were all made by Claire, with wheels by the Brownies and the large orange dot on the left is an exquisite little 3D rucksack! You can see why we were so impressed.

First day of term.......

Well, not quite, but first day of Padiham & District's new year.  Summer may be over, but autumn has its compensations, not least looking forward to our new programme and seeing everyone again after the August break.  We hold our AGM in September so the first meeting is always hectic, but we relax after the main business and listen to a speaker.  This year Claire, from our sister Branch at Skipton, came along to give us an illustrated talk about the StArt project to celebrate Le Grand Depart of the Tour de France in Yorkshire this summer. They had been involved with ladies from the Asian community in Skipton in the making of a story-cloth showing the history their journey from Pakistan to England, which inspired them.  The textile artist Jackie Lunn was commissioned to work with them and with some generous funding and their own efforts she helped them design and make a quilt illustrating the route of the Tour.  The map itself was felted and then quilted into a painted background and the whole cloth surrounded by embroidered squares depicting aspects of their area.  These were worked by their own members and also members of Grassington Branch.  Other members of the wider community were involved as well, including the Brownies who made bright yellow wheels for the bicycles.  The whole quilt is delightful and has created a lot of interest, especially when it was displayed in the window of their branch of Fat Face on the main street during the Tour itself.

After enjoying the photographs it was lovely to see (and feel!) the quilt up close.  Quilting the felted area had the effect of turning it into a relief map and it was fun to see all the different aspects of the Yorkshire Dales that the embroiderers had chosen for their squares.  Almost most impressive of all were the labels of the names of the towns, which had been worked in the tiniest cross-stitch by Jill, their Chairman!  They were so neat and tiny I thought at first they had been printed, but no! What an inspiring project - congratulations!