26 October 2014

Saturday Workshop - Beaded Tassels

Had a great workshop yesterday at our new workshop venue, Higham Village Hall.  It worked really well - light, warm and well equipped and a really good price too.  Workshops are always a great way to get to know people and of course to learn something new.  I learnt two things yesterday - 1. how to make a beaded tassel and 2. that I will probably not be making another one!!

The class of 2014 concentrating!

Our unfinished tassels
 I also learnt that not everything marked as Beading Thread is what it seems!  With needles so fine and thread ready to untwist at the slightest provocation there was plenty of puffing and blowing among the chatting and laughter.

Suzanne, our tutor, was endlessly patient with us and the beads were so pretty that beading almost seemed like something I could take up......but maybe not quite.  However, I did get mine finished later that evening, just don't look to closely at it!
Later - my finished tassel in its new role as a scissor-keeper!

There are more pictures in the Photo Album.

8 October 2014

Dry-felting workshop

We had a fun meeting this week. Lesley demonstrated dry-felting and showed us lots of inspiring examples to get us going. We all had a felting needle and sponge and she provided plenty of fleece in all colours of the rainbow, so it was not long before we were all prodding away.  The technique was easy and fun, with not too many stabbed fingers and gave us plenty of time to chat.

Lesley demonstrating at her table full of goodies.

Below are the results of our efforts - not bad for what was for most people, a first attempt.  I finished my flower brooch at home with a few embroidery stitches and will wear it next month.  Hope to see some others on display too.

These are Lesley's 

...and these are ours!