5 February 2015


Our first meeting of 2015 was a chance to chat and catch up with friends, whilst learning something new. Four volunteer teachers got to work showing a selection of embroidery stitches and their potential, and everyone had a go.  Some members stayed at one table but many took the opportunity to move around and make the most of what was going on.  Eileen was demonstrating Woven Picots, Nan took French knots and Bullion knots, Carole showed the many uses of Fly stitch and Chain stitch and I demonstrated Sorbello stitch and Coral stitch.  It was rewarding to introduce people to a new stitch or a new way of working and hopefully it will get imaginations whirring.

Sorbello is a lovely knotted stitch based on a square and a favourite of mine, although it turned out to be new to a lot of our members.  It can be worked in a regular manner, but much more fun is to distort it and pile it one on top of another using all sorts of threads to make a lovely crunchy texture.  I found a left-hander on my table and impressed myself by showing her how to do the stitch left-handed - although I guess that is more a demonstration of how easy it is to work than of my prowess as a teacher!

This is a piece I did ages ago to show the use of ribbons as a background.
The Sorbello stitches are done in fine cords, ribbons, chunky and fine threads.