25 March 2015

Messing with Metal Workshop, 21st March

We had an intriguing workshop on Saturday called Messing with Metal  We arrived bearing the evidence of Christmas indulgence - foil sweet papers and cases from mince pies - as well as precious squeezed out tomato puree tubes and more mundane margarine tub covers.

Sue Bennett, our tutor had brought lots of her own beautiful work to give us inspiration.  It was  hard to believe they had all had such humble beginnings.

My particular favourite was the blue vessel, below. Her inspiration for this piece came from Gaudi 's Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and perfectly captured the essence of this fantastical building.  The colours were lovely and the subtle sheen from the metal was like butterfly wings.

We were first shown how to flatten our foil, then how to emboss the surfaces in a variety of ways - with a dry ball-point pen, or an embossing machine, or using rubbing plates on the margarine lids. We also tried crimping and cutting out apertures for a 'jewel'.  More patterns were made by punching with a sturdy needle or by running the metal through an unthreaded sewing machine.

The next stage was the messy bit - colouring the metal.  Silver foil was painted with black acrylic which was then rubbed off leaving a pewter effect.  The gold of the tomato puree tubes looked aged by the same treatment and the margarine tops came out amazingly like leather.

Sue demonstrated how to cover some pieces with sheer fabric with free machine stitching, which was then burnt back.

Sewing a piece to a background fabric was easy, just pierce the holes and attach it with embroidery thread - blanket stitch worked well.

Here are some of us admiring the results we achieved.  A really fun workshop and much enjoyed by all of us.

Lots more pictures in the Photo Gallery. J

3 March 2015

Beginning Goldwork

A short month, so our March meeting came round really fast.  Another practical session and another great success.  Wendy had made packs for everyone containing materials to make a pretty Goldwork flower and everyone was soon hard at work under her expert eye.  It was her hard work and preparation that made the afternoon such a great success.
The pretty design Wendy had prepared

Some of us decided to 'do our own thing' - so as well as lots of  busy needles there were plenty of  busy tongues as we took a chance to relax and just enjoy the company.  I leave you to guess which group I was in!   J.

Above:  Everyone hard at work................................

                             .............some of us not so much!