15 April 2015

Journeys with a Needle

It seemed a long wait to until 13th April for our meeting as the Easter Bank Holiday disrupted our usual Monday slot, but it turned out to be worth the wait.  Gina Smith brought some of her lovely work to show us and treated us to a slide show of other pictures depicting the many wonderful places she has visited.

This seascape is made from strips of dyed fabric with couched threads.  The exciting knitting yarns available these days are particularly interesting to Gina and the slubby ones are wonderful for depicting lashing waves!

Many of Gina's pictures are landscapes or architecture and look like paintings from a distance, but although some backgrounds have added colour most of her effects are achieved by sheer fabrics to make light and shade, together with simple embroidery stitches.

I loved this depiction of the Amazon flowing through the rain forest.  Gina has achieved a wonderful perspective; it is just like flying above the canopy of the forest.

She has done some lovely studies of cathedrals where the sheer fabrics and stitches are used in quite a minimal way but really conjure up the peaceful atmosphere.

These photographs do not do Gina's work justice I am afraid. The glass made them difficult to photograph under the lights of our hall and you may be treated to the odd shadow of the photographer in the glass!  My apologies.  Do look at more examples of her work - there are lots on Pinterest if you Google Gina Smith Textile Artist.

Lucky us, we will be seeing Gina again in June when she runs a workshop for us - just hope we can do justice to her.

These last two pieces are depictions of Roman tiles from Turkey (with added photographer and assistant's thumb!).