12 May 2015

Torn Apart & Stitched Up

Another Bank Holiday disruption to our meetings - back to normal in June thank goodness.  However, once again it was worth waiting for.  We had a lovely speaker, Sue Boardman, who brought slides and lots of work to show us.  Sue loves to work with torn paper which she stabilises onto a background fabric before waxing and stitching - just my kind of thing!

This fabulous still-life of a Jug & Bottle is done with all kinds of magazine pages.  You can see the brown paper it is worked on at the top right edge, complete with some splashes of wax.  Sue drips candle wax all over her pictures before ironing between two sheets of baking parchment; this gives the paper strength to hold the stitching.

I loved this Self Portrait with a Flower

We had to work a bit for our entertainment.  Sue had brought a hat, based on the Swiss Bridge in Birkenhead Park, a dress based on Hoylake Beach (Sue is lucky enough to live by the sea and her love of the area is reflected in a lot of her work) which were modelled by Eileen and Nan respectively - there are pictures in the Photo Album - and a fantastic Dress of Addresses modelled by Susan.  Sue had really gone crazy with paper tearing for this one and spent a whole winter (I am amazed it was only one!) cutting up old telephone business directories and maps.  Each little piece is beautifully bound and backed and many of the pieces have little extra comments, such as "The Vicar lives here".  What great fun!

Sue fitting Susan with the Dress of Addresses
Susan gives us a twirl!

 Altogether an entertaining and inspirational afternoon.  Do look at the Photo Album for more.