21 February 2016

Multi Media Books - Workshop

Yesterday, Sue Bartlett returned with her beautiful books to teach us how to do it for ourselves.

Sue was tireless going round to all of us with help and advice - she says she is just learning to take workshops but she looked pretty proficient to us - more time would have been wonderful though.

We spent the morning making decorative covers in fabric and embroidery before tackling the complicated process of book-binding.  I think I understand and started off fairly confidently, so I hope I can finish.
Advice from Sue.
Wendy & Louise hard at work.

Here are a few pictures of us working and below some covers that were completed - the insides are yet to be done!

A lovely way to spend a cold, wet February day - in a warm room, sewing with friends!  J.
Some more covers.

I loved this beautiful red cover - wish I could say it is mine!

18 February 2016

"That Darn Stitch!"

Patricia, one of our members, was out and about to Skipton EG on Monday last, spreading the word about her beautiful darning technique.  Just like having a basket of socks to darn, but a whole lot more fun!

The Skipton members really embraced the technique and a variety of birds, butterflies and landscapes started appearing.

I wanted to share my favourite picture, a lovely landscape - much of it done with rags, which combines another of Patricia's interests, rag rugging, with embroidery.

The picture does not do it justice as it was behind glass, not easy to photograph (the "moon" appearing over the hills on the left is the reflection of a ceiling light I just couldn't avoid!)   J.

5 February 2016

First meeting of the New Year

Is it too late to wish everyone a happy and peaceful New Year?  Monday was our first meeting of the year and it seemed a long time since we had seen each other.  During the Christmas break we had distributed some advertising cards and we were delighted to see three ladies who had come to take a look at us after picking one up.  They seemed to enjoy their afternoon with us and we hope to see them next month.

Our speaker was Wyn Ingham who is always a treat.  She had brought along some of her large collection of old lace and as well as talking about its history she kept us laughing with anecdotes about her extensive and close-knit family.  Wyn is booked to give us a workshop in June on Casalguidi work - a big subject, so I think it will be very much 'starting Casalguidi', but it will be nice to settle down to hand-stitching among friends.

I had a specially nice day.  To my great surprise I was called forward to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers and an embroidery book, together with a card, signed by everyone.  This was to thank me for my years as secretary since the Branch was first set up.  I was really overwhelmed and I shall treasure the card and all the lovely comments it contained.  Mind you, now I shall have to stop grumbling about having too much work and finish up my full term with good grace!!  J.

P.S.    Just received these pictures of Sue presenting me with flowers at our last meeting (thank you Val) 

They're beautiful!

Thinks.....wrapping looks interesting, wonder if it does anything!

There's more?  Thank you so much!