29 March 2016

Higham Easter Exhibition 2016

The 46th Annual Easter Exhibition took place in Higham this weekend and we were delighted to be invited to take part.  We were there for the full four days with a lovely display of work from our talented members.   The members of our group had loaned some beautiful work which was much admired.

Our Travelling books proved a great draw.  Each one started with an idea from the "owner" who interpreted her theme with her own ideas.  It was then passed to the next member of the group who added their own work in the same theme.  Eventually the books returned to the owner, full of exciting new ideas - a lovely souvenir of her embroidery friends as well.  The visitors were fascinated by the variety of techniques and all the different interpretations they held in their pages.

We spoke to a lot of interested ladies (and a few men) and handed out a lot of our little leaflets, so we very much hope we will gain some new members for our lovely, friendly group.

Congratulations to the Higham Exhibition Committee for all their hard work, and thanks for inviting us to take part.   J

9 March 2016

Textural Embroidery

The weather has gone crazy since the official First Day of Spring.  On 4th March we awoke to a Christmas card scene, but by afternoon the rain was back.  Monday was our meeting day so I was very glad to have a dry and sunny day for everyone to travel, but it was soooo cold!

There was the usual warm atmosphere though at our meeting, with several visitors - and we hope new members - dropping in to see us.  The Sales table did a roaring trade with record takings and we also had not one, but two raffles.  Louise had donated a beautiful book which was raffled separately, and there was also our usual colour raffle.  The theme was orange and there was some thinking outside the box as one enterprising member has brought some Orange chocolates, a mango body-wash and a packet of fruit tea to add the the collection of ribbons, fabrics and threads!

Our speaker, Sandra Wallace, had brought a wonderful selection of her beautiful work to show us.  She makes beautiful felt pieces which she embellishes with embroidery and beading.  She draws her inspiration from the natural world, and there were pieces reflecting her travels in North America and Iceland as well as closer to home in Cornwall and Yorkshire.
The colour of sea at St Ives in Cornwall inspired these pieces

Dramatic lava flows were Sandra's inspiration in these vessels, beaded necklaces and felt pieces

This beautiful beading was just a small selection of Sandra's intricate work. 

Now we have the Higham Easter Arts and Crafts Exhibition to look forward to.  At the meeting on Monday I collected a large number of beautiful pieces of work to display and am looking forward to showing them to the Exhibition visitors.   J.