20 June 2016

Stitching at Gawthorpe Hall

On Saturday 18th June Patricia, Sue S, Sue B (one of our newest members)  Val and Wendy were in the Library at Gawthorpe Hall where they invited the visitors to sit and stitch with them a while.  Here are some pictures Sue S. took - it looked a lovely afternoon, sorry I couldn't make it.  J

Some more pictures I received this evening from Val.

8 June 2016

June Meetings

A busy few days for us at Pendle.  On Saturday we enjoyed a sunny day starting Casalguidi embroidery with Wyn Ingham.  We welcomed four visitors from other North West branches, so although I didn't join in the workshop I visited them over lunchtime to see what they were up to and say hello.


These are some of the techniques used - pulled work, bullions, picots etc.

Then on Monday it was our normal meeting day - and a very busy one.  While the other members set to learning Shadow Work from Eileen, the committee met to discuss the coming year.  It hardly seems five minutes since we were at the last AGM in September and our first meeting at our lovely new venue.  There was lots to discuss, not least the exciting programme Kathryn is putting together for us for the rest of this year and into 2017.

With the committee meeting over we dashed out to catch up with all the sewers whose tongues were as busy as their fingers!  Eileen was kept busy helping 26 eager students and had some lovely work of her own to show us, together with lots of ideas and threads to share. One of our new members, Jenny, had lent her some work of her own to show which was absolutely beautiful.

This is Jenny's gorgeous pale pink voile scarf, so finely worked it looks almost like applique.

It took Eileen a large amount of patience to get me going, but after a few false starts I managed to sort my fingers from my thumbs and this is the work in progress.

The back of the work - which is the side you work from

The front - looking fairly authentic!

We then had a lovely ceremony to perform.  Brenda, who has run our Sales Table since June 2011 has raised over £1,500 for our funds, so it was our great pleasure for Sue to present her with a bouquet of flowers and a card with all love and good wishes.  She has worked so hard and so modestly and thoroughly deserves all our thanks and affection.


Our next meeting with be another busy one - our Summer social and exhibition.  Then we take a break in August, although that won't be uneventful with National Stitch Day and the Capability Brown exhibition at Gawthorpe Hall starting.   J