6 July 2016

Summer Social - July 2016

4th July - an important day on the USA calendar of course! - but also the date of our Summer Social.  It started off on a rare warm and sunny note and for once I set out in just my t-shirt and slacks (no winter fleece, oilskin, waders or sou'wester which have all been needed this Summer) - we won't mention what happened later in the afternoon but a lot of people got very wet!

This was our first Summer Social in our new venue so instead of our usual small Strawberry Tea we had another Jacob's Join, including strawberries and Kathryn's vanilla cream terrine of course (thank you Delia Smith - Summer Collection in case you are wondering). What a spread!

Of course, the usual raffle took place, two big baskets of Yellow things won by Pamela W. and Sue B., but Kathryn had also introduced an "Everyone for Themselves" raffle as well.  Those taking part brought a gift-wrapped sewing related item and paid their £1 for a ticket.  The first number out of the hat chose a parcel and showed everyone what they had won.  The second person could either decide to keep the prize they had chosen or demand that the first person hand over theirs - and so on, with the choice of prizes getting bigger and bigger.

The last number drawn had the pick of the whole room.  It just so happened that Kathryn's ticket was the last one drawn.........I am saying nothing!  It was certainly a lively event and there was no place for British reserve or an "After you. No after you" mentality!

(main picture) Glen reluctantly does a swap with Sue! 

We also judged our annual Bell Trophy competition.  The theme chosen this year was In the Forest. There was a disappointingly small entry, but that was made up for in quality.  All the entries were lovely and it was really difficult to choose a favourite, but Pamela P. came our a clear winner with her book cover.

We also had to say goodbye to Jill, who is moving down to London shortly.  She has been such a helpful and cheerful member of our group and will be much missed, not least because she kept us topped up with cups of tea!  We gave her a begonia plant and a card signed by all of us to wish her well in her new home.

Now for the summer break and a new Branch year starting in September.  Happy Holidays! J.