9 November 2016

"Corners" session

On Monday last we held a "Corners" session.  It was a lovely occasion, with plenty of time to chat, learn a new idea or skill or just perfect a stitch.  Unfortunately the photographers in the group were busy running their own "corner", so there is no visual record.  Patricia was demonstrating various methods of couching, Sue S. making decorative "spider web" wheels, Eileen J. exploring lazy daisy stitch and I was showing all sorts of knot stitches.

We welcomed two new members and a visitor; a good meeting for getting to know us.

Susan had a table of books and embroidery kits for sale - sadly, a friend had died of breast cancer and her husband requested that her embroidery collection be offered for and a donation sent to Christies.  We were happy to have contributed £85 to this good cause.

The next meeting is our members' Christmas party, which should be a lot of fun.  There will be photographs next time!  J.