8 December 2016

Christmas Social

Monday was our last meeting of the year, so we had a party.  Thanks to all our successful fundraising over the year we were able to treat our members to a buffet instead of our usual Jacob's Join, so no work involved!


We also had another Everyone for Themselves  raffle, which caused a lot of merriment and some groans.  Glen was briefly the delighted owner of a very nice decorated notebook, which I took from her and almost ruined a lovely friendship.  However, my own pleasure was very short-lived as a couple of moments later I lost it to Sue T. in return for a blue inspiration pack!  Another notebook must have changed hands five or six times before it settled on a final lucky owner.  Who thought up this fiendish idea?

What's she got?  And will she keep it?!
We then had a very entertaining talk and practical session from Stephen Watson, a self-confessed Origami Nerd.  He had brought a wonderful display of his work with him, some of which took your breath away.  An expensive looking necklace and earrings set turned out to be made from gold wrapping paper, and a very nice silver bangle from the inside of a crisp packet!  He talked about how origami has grown in recent years, after needing to be "rescued" by some enthusiasts like himself. Now it is used in all sorts of ways from architectural models to medical applications - even NASA has used origami to save space in satellites; once in orbit the solar panels open out from their neat folds into an enormous size.

Stephen's amazing paper creations on display

We made a box, a (very loud) cracker which really got our attention, and a place-name decoration in the form of a shirt.  Then, by special request, Stephen showed the easy way to fold a t-shirt......I know, I know, it's a bit sad, but all us women were enthralled and ironing chores just got a lot easier.

We ended with the raffle draw, and a new venture - two bursaries of £50 were drawn and the lucky winners will have to spend their prize on some kind of embroidery-related activity or project and give us a Show and Tell next Christmas.  Sue S was one winner and Glen was the other, so I think she has now forgiven and forgotten her lost notebook.

Our final delightful task was to present Sue B. with a cyclamen plant to thank her for her contributions to the life of the Branch since she joined us this year.  She has been so helpful and has attended every one of the Gawthorpe stitching days, as well as the National Stitch Day at
Towneley Hall.

So, now for a break - see you in 2017!


Thanks to Sue S for additional photos.