15 February 2017

Teabag Miniatures

It was good to see everyone at our first meeting of 2017 - it seemed a very long time since our Christmas party so there was a lot to catch up on.  Just as well we decided to have a mini-workshop so there was plenty of time to chat.

Kathryn had arranged a session she called "What will you make of what you are given?" and came prepared with lots of odds and ends.  We each had a teabag (yes, you did read that correctly) which had been dried and mounted on some Bondaweb, and we were encouraged to make a miniature masterpiece to be displayed on a tiny easel.  Apparently sewing on teabags is A Thing!

I had hoped to photograph a mini art display, but it wasn't to be as we were so busy catching up with administration after our long break, but Sue T has send me a short comment and a picture of her own masterpiece.  Hopefully we can have a bigger display at the March meeting.

Mini masterpieces
Fab workshop yesterday ....quite a challenge to work on a teabag ! But everyone was very enthusiastic and produced amazing ' mini masterpieces'. There was quietness and concentration at first followed by much chatting and laughter as we shared our developing pieces. A big thank you to Kathryn who again produced an interesting workshop and shared her stash with such generosity. I would love to see inside her store. The mini easels were a treat and again a testament to Kathryn's detective skills. A great session 😊  Sue T.