19 March 2017

Collages and Wire Sculptures

Artist Priscilla Jones paid us a visit at our last meeting to talk to us about her delicate collages and wire sculptures of domestic items.  There was a slight delay while the technology got sorted out, but luckily we had Sue B on hand to work it all out and we enjoyed slide presentation of Priscilla's work from the beginning of her degree course work, through its development to the work she is best known for today.

Priscilla started to work studying items of clothing and has created a lot of fascinating artwork using gloves.  She spent hours trawling through charity shops and amassed a huge collection of gloves for her work.


Priscilla's work is still evolving, but we know her best for her domestic collages of the equipment for afternoon tea!  They use layers of paper, cloth, paint and gesso to achieve their delicate effects.  She also became interested in 3D wire sculptures of tea pots, cups, spoons etc. as well as birds.  She uses cake decoration wire and attached fabric with beeswax, which sinks into the paper covering of the wire.

Priscilla Jones with some of her work.

A most enjoyable meeting. J

5 March 2017

Fabulous Workshop

Nikki Parmenter made a welcome return to Pendle in February to run a Fabulous Fish workshop, which certainly lived up to its name.  I didn't attend, but went along in the afternoon to be greeted by an roomful of enthusiastic and smiling embroiderers, proudly displaying their fabulous sea creatures (and a butterfly!!)  Many thanks to Sue S and Sue T who documented the day for me. J

Some of Nikki's samples - this is what you have to aim for ladies!

Now for Pendle's turn...

 Scraps of fabric under net being fused together with soldiering iron, before being cut into fish outline.

A fish taking shape under Brenda's guiding hands.

Eileen's exciting colour scheme taking shape.

Fiona's subtle colour scheme for a seahorse.

Glen's flying fish on a creative background

 Alison & Louise proudly display their seahorses.                       Lesley having fun!

Two more fabulous fish.......................................... and a butterfly from Wendy!