19 April 2017

Book Review

This week I thought I'd have a treat (instead of chocolate) and look at a book I bought recently. It has been advertised on both 'sewing corner’ shopping channel and in Stitch magazine but I managed to get it for a cheaper price from 'The Book People'.

I bought the book because I am interested in the American craft of 'penny mats’.  This craft is an interesting way of using scraps from clothing and I have visions of cushion covers made with the woollen cardies etc I accidentally felt on a regular basis!

The book is colourful and interesting; all the pictures and diagrams are clear and the text is interspaced with some funny (and profound) sayings. There are interesting sections about how to develop different stitches, textures and techniques to take you beyond their conventional use. I particularly like the way the author talks to you from the pages and explains the methods and techniques she used. I laughed out loud at her advice about purchasing an embellisher - you’ll have to read it to find out! At the back of the book there is the usual guide to stitches and some templates both of which are again very clear.

All in all I think it is one of the books that is well worth the money…….and you can’t always say that!!   Sue T.

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