8 June 2017

North West Summer School 2017

Last weekend I attended Summer School at Waddow Hall in Clitheroe. This year the two tutors were Nicola Jarvis, well known for her beautiful patterned birds in needlework, and Kim Thittichai, equally well known for her work on 'hot textiles' - multilayered pieces using iron on painted vilene, foils, mica, and other fabric that can be melted with a heat gun. She then prints and sews over these. I like both ....so which to choose?

In the end I decided on Kim because I thought it would give me a chance to use some techniques I haven't tried before .... and be a bit more inventive.  However I did buy one of Nicola's scrumptious kits to work later.

Kim brought a new product along she called "paint and bond" which is like bondaweb without the paper backing. You can use this to add paint and other surface finishes to material which you then embellish on top. Everyone got really involved and produced many samples using different techniques and products. I really liked using embossing powders, gold flakes and foils.

Most people were residential but because it is so close to home I travelled each day so making the weekend slightly cheaper.

I would certainly recommend giving Summer School a try if you enjoy taking some time out to sew or create in a lovely setting. Some people come with others from their Embroiderers' Guild branch.  I didn't know anyone at first and now I have met lovely people from all over the region.  Sue T.

I also won a prize of lovely organic handmade goodies on the raffle......miracle!!
Me sharing my Summer School experience with Pendle branch members


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  3. Perfect inspiration :) and what attention to detail! I admire and congratulate.